Body Treatments

90 Minute Massage $105

60 Min Massage $75

Reiki $75

This Reiki session will help bring the body's energy into balance and encourage relaxation + healing.  Reiki works with our life force energy and the subtle energetic layers of the body.  The practitioners hands may lay gently on the body or hover just above so the client may feel little to no direct touch.

60 minutes

Ultimate Relaxation $109

This relaxing services combines a mini-facial and an upper body relaxation massage to balance the mind, body + soul. {Mini facial includes cleanse, exfoliation and either facial massage or mask}

60 mins

Add ons:

Reiki $15

Reiki complements therapeutic massage beautifully. This will add up 15 mins to your service.

Facial Reflexology $15

This treatment uses a steel tool to accurately apply pressure to specific points on the face. Adding a 15 min immune or energy boosting session is a game changer!

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