Signature Facial $85

Recommended for: First time clients

In our pampering signature facial, the entire service will be carefully curated for your specific skin type. Each treatment includes consultation, skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask. The focus is on nourishing the skin and balancing the energy for the client. You can expect:

  • To identify concerns and create a treatment plan
  • Discuss products and home care and understand how to best care for your skin.
  • A relaxed, holistic approach to promote balanced, healthy skin

60 minutes

Renewal Facial $99

Recommended for: Aging Skin

This effective facial includes the use of highly active antioxidants Vitamins A + C.  The liposomal delivery system ensures that the skin is nourished and hydrated with high quality ingredients and the use of LED red light therapy stimulates elastin and collagen production and increases cellular turnover. {suggested add-on: Micro-current $25}

60 minutes

Dermal Infusion Peel $125

Customized for All Skin Types

An incredibly effective non-acid peel that creates a substantial increase in cellular activity as well as a significant stimulation of collagen production. This service delivers a visible "boost" and glow! Instead of wounding the skin, the Facial Infusion by Osmosis gently resurfaces the skin by feeding the deeper layers to encourage cellular renewal, making it safe for any skin tone and every skin condition.  {suggested add-on: LED light therapy $25}

60 minutes

The Medi-Infusion + Nano-Needling $159

Customized for All Skin Types

This advanced service includes our Facial Infusion Peel with the addition of isolated nutrient powders and an organic herbal mask to target specific concerns. These incredible active ingredients are delivered to the skin with the non-invasive nano-needling technique to provide noticeably glowing skin. This full service, rejuvenating "peel" is our most effective treatment!

90 minutes

Micro-Current Facial $159

Customized for All Skin Types

This is a painless, non-invasive treatment for gentle and effective  "face-lifting." Micro-current technology uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate the muscles of the face and can be described as a "work-out" for the facial muscles. The goal is for the muscles to look more defined and increase collagen production for more tightened and toned skin. Visible results can be immediate making this a great treatment before an event.  A series of 6 or more consecutive sessions is recommended for more substantial and long-lasting results.

90 minutes

Ultimate Relaxation $109

This relaxing services combines a mini-facial and an upper body relaxation massage to balance the mind, body + soul. {Mini facial includes cleanse, exfoliation and either facial massage or mask}

60 mins

Express Facial $59

Customized for All Skin Types

This quick 30 minute facial will perk your skin up with a cleanse, exfoliation and mask treatment. Perfect for a quick pick me up when you are short on time!

30 minutes

Add ons:

Hydro-Jelly Mask $15

A "jelly"like mask that smooths and sets to the contours of the face. These masks are packed with electrolytes which can rehydrate dull, dry skin. Also effective for soothing skin and healing inflammation.

Gua Sha Massage $25

A jade stone is used to massage the contours and promote a more sculpted face. Gua Sha helps to move lymph and increase circulation which helps reduce puffiness and under eye bags.

LED Light Therapy $15

Non-invasive therapeutic Red or Blue LED light used to treat acne, reduce inflammation or promote anti-aging benefits.

Facial Reflexology $15

This treatment uses a steel tool to accurately apply pressure to specific points on the face. Treatments can boost immune system, alleviate headaches and increase circulation.

Micro-Current $25-$65

A natural, non-invasive way to improve muscle tone and tighten pores. Results in healthier more youthful looking skin. {Sessions can be booked for touch-ups in about 10 mins, or more targeted treatment up to 25 mins.}

Scalp Massage $10

Enjoy an extended treatment with this full 10 minutes of relaxing scalp massage. {optional use of essential oils}

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